RSP Brings Client Value Center Stage through Strategic Alliance Spotlight

January 30, 2019

RSP recently announced several, client-focused initiatives for 2019. The first, named, Strategic Alliance Spotlight, will focus on celebrating client relationships. Having spent nearly 50 years helping middle to large market clients with a myriad of legal matters ranging from real estate, business transactions, government representation, to banking, finance and litigation, RSP has built a winning formula for solid client alliances.

"Beyond offering legal advice, we see ourselves as trusted advisors and strong, knowledgeable advocates on our clients' behalf," said Richard L. Gayle, CEO. "Our mission is to provide quality, value-driven legal services that make a positive difference in the business and personal lives of our clients, and we've built our firm on those lasting client collaborations."

RSP's launch of Strategic Alliance Spotlight focuses on one of its long-term clients of close to 40 years, Freedman Seating Company (FSC). Recently, recognizing their 125-year anniversary, FSC engineers and manufactures seats and related products for buses, rail lines, marine use, truck, and specialty commercial vehicle seating. FSC is recognized as the leading manufacturer of transportation seating solutions.

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