In Memoriam: August 29, 1952-August 14, 2019

RSP is saddened by the passing of our partner, colleague and friend, Robert J. Trizna (“Bob”). He was 66 years old. Bob was a tireless defender of people’s rights and a dedicated community servant. He was admired and respected by his fellow attorneys, clients, and opposing counsel. Tributes have called him a great orator and passionate lawyer as well as a compassionate and generous person to those less fortunate. He served as a mentor, a sounding board and a guidepost for colleagues both within and without our Firm.

Bob’s wry wit, outspoken commentary, frank honesty and analytical mind graced our hallways and meeting rooms for a decade. His passing marks the loss of a wonderful friend and advocate. He inspired all of us to strive to do better, and he will be sorely missed. Click here to read the full memorial for Robert J. Trizna.

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