Kymn Harp publishes latest book - Illinois Commercial Real Estate: Due Diligence to Closing, With Checklists

August 22, 2016

Real estate has defined R. Kymn Harp’s entire life.  With the commercial real estate industry at last rebounding from the long downturn that began with the Great Recession, he believes it is time to provide an educational resource addressing due diligence and other hot topics facing dealmakers in the commercial real estate industry.  This belief prompted him to write “Illinois Commercial Real Estate: Due Diligence to Closing, with Checklists” (published by Xlibris).

This practical handbook is a unique resource for investors, developers, brokers, lenders, attorneys and others interested in commercial real estate projects in Illinois. It provides best-practice guidance gleaned from Harp’s lifetime of experience growing up in a real estate family and his nearly four decades of experience as a commercial real estate attorney. It is packed with pearls of wisdom acquired by working in the trenches with creative clients actively engaged in the commercial real estate business. Harp’s practical approach to commercial real estate due diligence and closing, and the invaluable insights and closing checklists he shares, serve as benchmarks for commercial real estate transactions throughout the USA.

“The commercial real estate industry was in a slump for nearly 10 years, and was in a reckless bubble market for five to ten years before that,” Harp says. “There is a shortage of practical knowledge on how to conduct a proper a due diligence investigation in preparation for closing. This book will help.”

“Illinois Commercial Real Estate” walks the reader through the due diligence process, from conception of a transaction through closing, with a focus on making sure the commercial real estate project functions as intended after closing.

Read more at Kymn Harp's blog; Harp on This, a Commerical Real Estate and Business Thoughtboard. 


Harp Kymn R.

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