Fuad R. Sulayman


Through my family, I've been immersed in the world of medicine from a young age. Now, my professional mission is to help healthcare providers around the world achieve their desired results and effectively navigate the often complicated world of litigation.

My Background

I concentrate my practice in the area of medical malpractice defense and healthcare litigation. I have extensive experience in both state and federal courts representing healthcare institutions, physicians groups, individual physicians, and nurses.

During the past several years, I have handled over 100 medical malpractice claims involving numerous medical disciplines such as:

  • neonatalogy
  • family practice
  • pulmonology
  • general surgery
  • thoracic surgery
  • nephrology
  • cardiology
  • gynecology
  • obstetrics
  • dermatopathology
  • internal medicine
  • neurology
  • medical oncology
  • pediatrics
  • radiology
  • podiatry
  • midwifery

I have successfully tried numerous cases to verdict, including both bench and jury trials, and have participated in numerous binding and non-binding alternative dispute resolution hearings.

Beyond their litigation matters, I also routinely counsel my healthcare clients on general business matters including business entity formation, contract review and negotiation, operating agreements, distribution agreements, litigation advice, and routine business issues.

Doing the work itself is just the beginning of real advocacy. When my clients’ success and livelihoods are at stake, they need and deserve more than a legal representative. To demonstrate the level of personal ownership I feel, I focus on exhaustive preparation, and work alongside my clients to craft a sound defense. I bring an intensity to my practice that matches the intensity of the circumstances and I rely on that to relentlessly protect my clients’ best interests.

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Fuad's Representative Results:

  • Successfully defended thoracic surgeon who attempted to surgically repair a 9 cm abdominal aortic aneurysm in 52-year-old male. Patient died from blood loss while in the intensive care unit less than 24 hours after surgery (2014)

  • Successfully defended neurologist who prescribed Mirapex to aggressively treat early-stage Parkinson's disease in patient with known history of gambling addiction (2014)

  • Obtained judgment for orthopedic surgeon who performed lumbar fusion resulting in nerve compression which caused permanent neurologic injury to patient's lower extremity (2013)

  • Successfully defended 2 general surgeons who performed thyroidectomy resulting in permanent damage to patient's laryngeal nerve (2013)

  • Successfully defended pulmonologist who was consulted on 20-year-old male patient admitted to intensive care unit with diabetic ketoacidosis and in respiratory distress. Patient died while in the intensive care unit on his 21' birthday due to pulmonary embolus (2013)

  • Successfully defended family practitioner who was patient's attending physician during 3-week hospitalization wherein a 4 x 4 cm sacral decubitus ulcer went undetected through discharge (2012)

  • Obtained not-guilty defense verdict for a general surgeon who performed duodenal ulcer perforation repair and subsequent cholecystectomy in 58-year-old male. Patient went on to suffer from complications associated with peptic ulcer disease resulting in pyloric channel ulcer perforation and death. Plaintiff asked the jury for $4.8 million (2011)

  • Obtained not-guilty defense verdict for radiologist who interpreted a right wrist x-ray of 22-year-old male. The patient went on to develop a fracture of the scaphoid bone resulting in non-union requiring fusion surgery. Plaintiff asked the jury for $2.9 million (2d chair, 2006).

  • Obtained not-guilty defense verdict for general surgeon who performed bilateral hernia repair in 29-year¬old male causing permanent obstruction of the vas deferens and resulting in the patient's inability to ejaculate. Plaintiffs asked the jury for $700,000 (2nd chair, 2003).

  • Obtained not-guilty defense verdict for internal medicine physician who was consulted by emergency room physician regarding 35-year-old female's sinusitis and headaches. Patient was ultimately diagnosed with sagittal sinus thrombosis causing damage to the optical nerves resulting in permanent blindness. Plaintiff asked the jury for $15 million (2'd chair, 2001).

My Education

Chicago-Kent College of Law, J.D., 1999

Boston University, B.S., 1995


Illinois, 1999U.S. District Court for the Central District of IllinoisU.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois


American Health Lawyers Association (AHLA) Defense Research Institute (DRI)
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